QuickLaunch Single Sign-on

Beloit College uses a Single Sign-on (SSO) login system for certain campus services and for managing your user account. SSO enables you to sign in to multiple systems by entering your username and password only once per browser session. It also enables increased security and additional self-service password reset options.



Apps and services that use Single Sign-on

Visiting login.beloit.edu shows a list of all apps and services you have access to that utilize single sign on. You can also continue to access those services directly as you normally would - via URL (eg. moodle.beloit.edu), Quick Links in the Portal, or your existing bookmarks.

The following campus services utilize QuickLaunch sign in:

Additional services will be added over time.



Signing in

If you already have a Beloit College username and password, or if you’re a new student or employee who received a temporary password, follow these steps to sign in.

  1. Visit login.beloit.edu or browse to one of the supported services and click Sign in.

  2. When prompted with the “Beloit College Sign in” screen, enter your username and password and click Sign in.

    • Your username is the first part of your email address, before the @ symbol.

  3. Continue to the app or service you wish to sign in to.


LITS recommends that you set password recovery options to help you recover your account in case you lose or forget your password.

For additional security, LITS can enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your account. For more information or to request MFA, please email support@beloit.edu.


Getting to know the login system

The Beloit College Sign in page login.beloit.edu can be accessed from any web browser, on or off campus. Signing in will take you to the My Apps page, which provides quick shortcuts to any apps or services you have access to. Click on an app to be taken directly to that service. Once you have signed in, you will not need to sign in again for any supported apps within the same browser session.

After signing in, you can click your username at the top right corner of the page for additional options related to your account.

  • My Account will take you to the Account Recovery Settings page, which will let you set and change password recovery options. This includes setting security questions, enrolling an alternate email address, and enrolling up to two phone numbers for password recovery via text message. See setting password recovery options for more information.

  • My Devices will show a list of any devices, such as mobile phones or computers, that your account has been signed in from.

  • Change Password can be used to change your password. See changing your password for more information.

Faculty and Staff members who are assigned a college workstation should avoid changing passwords using this Change Password option, and instead follow the instructions for PCs or for Macs to change the password from their workstation.


Changes in your daily workflow

It’s important to understand some of the changes that Single Sign-on presents in the way that you use apps and services, particularly on shared or public computers.

Sign out and close your browser when finished using a shared device

Because signing into one app signs you into all apps that you have access to, you should protect your personal information by signing out when finished using a shared or public device. Signing out of one app will not sign you out of all other apps. Use the My Account > Log out menu from the Beloit College Log in page to sign out of all Single Sign-on apps at once. Additionally, close your web browser to end your browsing session, and remember to sign out of public or computer lab workstations when finished.

Use private/incognito browsing windows or web browser profiles to manage multiple accounts

Once you have signed into one service (for example, Gmail) with Single Sign-on, additional browser tabs or windows will automatically log into the same account. You may need to manage multiple accounts at once, or you may wish to sign in with another account (such as your personal Gmail, for example). See this article for information on how to manage multiple accounts at once.


Setting password recovery options

LITS highly recommends setting password recovery options to help you recover your account if your password is lost or forgotten.


Changing your password

If your password has expired, or you think your account may be compromised, you can change your password.


Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password or if you can no longer access your account, you can reset your password.


Problems signing in and additional support

If you are having trouble signing in, opening the sign in page, or accessing applications, please try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

  • Close and re-open your web browser, then try signing in to the service again.

  • Clear your browser cache and then try signing in again.

  • Try accessing the service from a private browsing window.

  • Try accessing the service with a different web browser.

If you continue to experience problems, please visit support.beloit.edu or email support@beloit.edu for assistance, or call LITS Support at (608) 363-4357.