Sending a Fax

Beloit College uses eGoldFax to send and receive faxes for authorized faculty and staff users. If you are not an authorized user, please go to Faxing for Unauthorized Users.


Send a Digital Document as a Fax via Email

Authorized fax users can send digital files directly to the eGoldFax service via email attachments.

  1. Address the email to:  (i.e.

  2. On the subject line, enter the subject of the fax.

  3. Add any message you’d like to your email as well.

  4. Attach the document (accepted formats: Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP)

  1. Click Send.

    • The fax cover sheet is auto-created when the fax is sent.

    • Note: Adding a “1” before the fax number and hyphens are optional. Parentheses are not allowed.

    • Add frequently faxed-to contacts to your email address book using the format above.

    • Include"FAX" in the display name of saved contacts for easy searching.


Sending a Paper Document as a Fax via a Sharp Copier

Authorized fax users can send paper faxes directly from a Sharp copier.

  1. Log into your new copier using your ID badge, PIN, or username/password.

  2. Press the Basic Scan button.

  3. Choose the Scan to Fax option.

  4. Enter a fax number and a fax subject.

  5. Load your pages into the document feeder and press the Start button on the touchscreen.


Fax Confirmation or Failure Messages

You will receive an eGoldFax Status email noting either success or failure for your records. The message will take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to arrive, depending upon the number of attempts needed to connect to the receiving fax machine.

If you receive a failure message, you can attempt to send the fax again.


Adding or Removing Fax Recipients

Fax sending is enabled for anyone currently in your departmental fax group. As departmental staffing rosters change, please notify LITS Support ( if you need to make any changes to the staff recipients for your fax group.