Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password or if you can no longer access your account, you can reset your password.

If you have not set up password recovery options, you will not be able to recover your account through the method below. Instead, contact LITS Support for assistance.


  1. Visit and click Reset Password.

  2. Enter your username and click Submit.

    • Your username is the first part of your email address, before the @ symbol.

  3. Select an available password reset option and follow the prompts to verify your identity.

  4. After verifying your identity, enter a new password and click Submit to reset your password.

After resetting or changing your password, make sure to update your password on other devices (such as your phone, tablets, or other computers) if you use them to log into BCNet or your Beloit Gmail, to avoid your account being locked out due to invalid login attempts.


If you have difficulty changing your password, please contact LITS Support at for further assistance.