Print from Chrome OS


Students and staff are able to print documents through their Chromebook to any Release Station on the Beloit College campus using Mobility Print. Supported devices include Chromebooks running Chrome OS with Chrome version 43+ for Chrome apps and version 53+ for Android apps.

Setting up Mobility Print on your Chromebook

To begin, install the Papercut Mobility app. This is a one-time process.

  1. Install the Mobility Print Chrome app.

  2. If you want to print from Android applications such as Microsoft Word:

    1. Enable Google Play store as a user or as an Administrator.

    2. Install the Mobility Print Android app from the Google Play Store.

    3. Click Open.

    4. Click Android settings.

    5. Click Mobility Print.

    6. Click the enable toggle

  • Android apps are available only on supported devices. To see if your Chromebook supports Android app printing, see Chrome OS Systems Supporting Android Apps.

  • Your Chromebook must run Chrome OS version 53+.

  • If you are unsure whether or not your apps are Android apps:

    1. Open the Play Store app.

    2. Click the menu; then select My Apps and Games.

    3. Click the Installed tab. A list of the Android apps installed on your Chromebook is displayed.

Printing from your Chromebook

Each application you use will have different steps for printing documents. This is a general overview of how to print from your device.

  1. Open the page to print.

  2. Select one of the four print queues corresponding to the release station you would like to print to. Make sure you select a Mobility Print printer as identified by the PaperCut icon (a green leaf)

  3. Print the page.

  4. If you want your device to remember your login details, select the Remember me checkbox. If you use the:

    • Username and Password fields—your device will remember your login details for that printer for 30 days.

    • Sign in with Google button—your device will remember your login details indefinitely, but you can manage this in Google.

  5. When prompted either:

    • Enter your Beloit College network Username and Password; then click Sign in and print(Your username is the first part of your email address before the @ symbol.)

    • Click Sign in with Google and follow the prompts. Sign in with Google is not available from Android apps.

  6. Learn more about sending a document to print and releasing your print job.