Printer Service and Supplies


Most Beloit College printers and copiers are supported and serviced under contract with the Gordon Flesch Company, a technology management company responsible for keeping our printer devices running smoothly. Each device that is managed by the Gordon Flesch Company will be labeled with a tag such as the one to the right.

For devices not covered by the Gordon Flesch Company's maintenance program, employees will manage their own supplies and service. If you encounter a service problem you cannot resolve please contact LITS Support. The tech support team may be able to help or may provide a recommendation.

Printer Support

For problems with, questions about, or training on using a printer/copier or any of its functionality, including copying, printing, scanning, and faxing, please contact the Gordon Flesch Company at (888) 432-5556 or, and be sure to provide the Gordon Flesch Company ID tag number on the printer you have questions about.

Printer Service

If you experience problems with your print device that require maintenance or service repairs, please call the Gordon Flesch Company service number (800) 666-7051 to initiate a service request. Be sure to note the Gordon Flesch Company ID tag number on the printer that requires service.

Printer Supplies

Gordon Flesch Company supported devices are network connected which allows them to be monitored remotely for service and supplies. Toner and ink will be delivered automatically to the point-of-contact for that print device. If additional supplies are needed or are needed sooner, please call the Gordon Flesch Company supplies number at (866) 680-2679. Supplies that always must be ordered manually are waste toner cartridges and staples. The point-of-contact for each device are generally building coordinators or program coordinators. If you need help identifying your point-of-contact please contact the IT department.

Additional Support

If you are unable to resolve your question or issue after contacting the Gordon Flesch Company, please contact LITS Support for further support.