Computers Connected to the Beloit College Network Policy

The Beloit College network is a shared resource that supports the institution's goals. Computers connected to the network that are not protected by up-to-date anti-virus software and by the latest operating system updates are vulnerable to viruses and worms. Because an infected computer can harm network operations, any computer connected to the Beloit College network by any means must:

  • Run up-to-date anti-virus for all computers;
  • Keep all operating system software current with the latest security-related patches from the vendor.

Information Technology (IT) installs anti-virus software on all college-owned computers. Students are provided anti-virus software for their personally owned computers free of charge that does need to be uninstalled when a student leaves the college. Students are permitted to use any anti-virus software; however, IT will only support the anti-virus program licensed by the college. If the personal anti-virus software expires, it needs to be upgraded or the student should install the college version of anti-virus program.

The college reserves the right to block or suspend network access to vulnerable or infected computers to preserve the integrity of network operations. Please refer to the college's Ethical Use of Computing and Information Resources policy for more information. For assistance in properly configuring your computer to run up-to-date anti-virus and/or operating system software and identifying options and solutions should you encounter difficulties, please contact IT Support.  

You are responsible for the integrity of your account and any activity within your account. The most common way that someone breaks into an account is by either guessing a password or by looking over the shoulder while you type your password. The best way to assure that other users do not gain access to your account is to frequently change your password. IT recommends that you change your password at least once or twice each semester.