Broadcast Email and Mailing List Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide rules and guidelines for the use of broadcast email and mailing lists, both broadly distributed and targeted, to disseminate institutional information within the Beloit College community.


  • Email sent from a college-owned domain ( is an official mode of communication for the college.

  • Broadcast email is an unsolicited email of identical or substantially similar messages, sent quickly in large quantities, and is recognized as an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly use of technology for facilitating communication within the Beloit community.

  • A mailing list is a system that allows an email message to be sent to multiple addresses such that a recipient only sees an address representing the entire list in the To: field, without revealing the addresses of other recipients in the list.

  • A tag is an identifier between square brackets that is used to categorize the purpose of the message. The tag should be placed at the beginning of the subject line. Tags are recommended, but not required.

Broadcast Emails

Beloit College broadcast emails are one-way communications appropriate for:

  1. Announcements of official policies and changes in policy and procedures essential to the mission or operations of the college; legal requirements; urgent health and safety situation
    These announcements must come from individuals representing the administrative or academic departments responsible for the policy, deadline, procedure or urgent situation being addressed.
    Recommended tag: [INSTITUTION] Rest of Subject

  2. Announcements and reports from Beloit College departments and governance groups including those essential for student academic performance.
    These reports must come from individuals representing the academic or administrative groups or departments.
    Examples: Registration deadline, add-drop; study abroad deadline; Academic Senate; COA, Staff Council, Faculty committee elections, Summer Employment Guidelines, etc.
    Recommended tag: [IMPORTANT] Rest of Subject

  3. Notification of the availability of, or changes in, Beloit College services or facilities
    These notices must come from individuals representing the academic or administrative departments, or student organizations who are responsible for the services or facilities being addressed.
    Examples: Upgrades to the campus network, registration charges, dining hours, bus shuttle schedule; res halls closings; etc.
    Recommended tag: [SERVICE ALERT] Rest of Subject

  4. Announcements of campus-sponsored events
    Must come from individuals representing the academic or administrative departments, or student organizations sponsoring the event.
    Recommended tag: [EVENT] Rest of Subject

Please follow these guidelines when sending broadcast emails:

  • Messages must be sent from a email address.

  • It is recommended to begin the subject line with one of the following tags: [Institution], [Important], [Service Alert], or [Event], followed by the email subject.

  • A broadcast email message should be used only for important information relevant to all recipients.

  • A message may be sent only to one mailing list at a time.

The following are inappropriate uses of broadcast emails:

  • Mailings not directly related to college business or activities.

  • Mailings in violation of the college’s Ethical Use Policy.

  • Mailings intended to provoke a discussion via group email.

  • Partisan political campaign activity, expression of personal opinion, or conduct of personal business.

  • Unauthorized fundraising or solicitation.

  • Anything of a commercial nature that has not been pre-approved by an administrator.

  • Any message that harasses, intimidates, threatens, or bullies recipients or includes personal attacks that directly or indirectly target individuals.

Mailing Lists

Broad distribution mailing lists exist for broadcast email messages as defined above. A message should be sent to a broad distribution mailing list when it contains information from which everyone can benefit. These mailing lists should not be used when the intention is to start a conversation. Anyone wishing to reply to a broadcast email message should reply only to the sender and not the entire mailing list.

The broad distribution mailing lists addressing all employees or all students are managed by LITS.

  • includes all current faculty and staff, and emeriti faculty. Emails send immediately to the group with no moderation. It is recommended to use one of the tags listed above in the subject line.

  • includes all students. Broadcast emails sent to this address will be added to a bulletin board. Students will be sent a message twice daily at 12 p.m. and 5 p.m., summarizing the messages that have been added to the bulletin board. The tags listed above are required and the email will not send without one.


Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action.


This policy may be revised at any time. Major revisions will be described and dated here.

  • September 2020 - Initial policy implementation

  • November 2023 - Moved from mailman listserv to Google Groups for facstaff email list and simplified the guidelines