Self Service


The LITS Self Service app, found on all devices enrolled in Jamf, offers a number of features that provide a consistent and robust experience. To launch the Self Service app:

  • Click the LITS Self Service app icon (Beloit College logo) in the dock
  • Open Finder, click the Applications folder, and double-click LITS Self Service

Within the app, you can find the following self service categories:


Along the left side of the Self Service window are categories of different software titles and services available to users of that computer. If an app is displayed here, it can be installed by the currently logged in user, free of charge, without requiring login with an Apple ID. Many of the available apps are freeware; however some are licensed by the college for use on college-owned equipment.

To install an app, click on the app you are interested in and then click the Install button. If an app is already installed but isn't working properly, you can click the Reinstall button instead to reinstall the software.

If you are interested in a software title that is not currently available via Self Service, please contact LITS to inquire about adding it.


Clicking on the Bookmarks category on the left side of the Self Service window will provide one-click access to the following links:


Before reaching out to LITS support for assistance with your computer, you can try the self-service maintenance options in this category.

  • Basic Troubleshooting applies fixes to common issues, completes basic system maintenance, and performs other magic to fix many problems you may encounter. Please note that this option will restart your computer, so be sure to save your work first.